Posted by: bryanboard | March 31, 2010

Island Longing

Waves roll against the shore

Echo in the backwaters of my mind

Fading now into the drone of cars

Rushing to nowhere fast


The smell of brine in the air

Pushed aside by drifting coffee from the breakroom

A gentle sunset on the sound

Bleeds into fluorescent glare and insistent monitor glow


Too long has the heart been from home

Settling into monotone existence

After Technicolor sights of dream come to life


Soul and sand merge

Both pulsing to a hidden heartbeat

Felt by few

Listened to

By even fewer


I place my stethoscope to the ground

And find the beat

Of my own existence

Posted by: bryanboard | December 7, 2009

Another Day on the Mountain

A leaf falls.

From here, on top of the mountain

I watch as it finds an updraft.

Fighting gravity it flutters upward

Unaware that as a leaf

It is only supposed to fall.


Soon it is caught in a cross current.

It begins its migration

Away from the mountain.


I watch.

My spirit spirals toward the sky

Following a leaf

That against odds

Against the “laws” of nature


With wings

Like an eagle.


I recently spent an afternoon up on Glassy Mountain.  I’ve talked before about this place, and the restorative effect that it has on my soul.  I did not get a picture of the leaf, but I did see a flock of geese below me turning to land in a farm pond.

The mountains are calming, soothing, especially at this time of year when the colors are muted.  As though they are catching their breath from the fireworks display of fall before settling in for their winter slumber.


I always see something new when I come up here.  This time, a lesson in perspective and focus.  A framed view of Table Rock,


becomes something new and different with just a slight shift of the focus wheel.

Posted by: bryanboard | September 29, 2009

Flat Rock Music Festival

We just got finished working 4 glorious days (ok, maybe the continual downpour on Saturday might not rank as “Glorious”) at the Flat Rock Music Festival. This festival has become pretty special to us. Taking place at a privately owned girl’s camp in the mountains of Flat Rock N.C., it is a perfect way to kick off fall. Three full days of musical acts, most of which defy catagorization, and most are hard to even describe. This is a music festival for the Music lover. We have two cameras full of pictures, so hopefully there will be more to come. But this is such a special festival, with such wonderful artists, staff, and atmosphere, just couldn’t let it go by without at least a quick mention!

Posted by: bryanboard | February 7, 2009

A place to watch the rain

I love to watch the rain.  It calms the soul to lose yourself in the rhythm, into the steady patter as it falls on the roof.  To watch a ripple spread its arms until meeting another, and they embrace as old friends, glad that their circles have met and once again overlap.


But part of being able to watch the rain and fully enjoy it, is having a place to watch the rain.  Sometimes I sit at my desk staring out the window.  A long cherished memory is an off day spent at Asbury Hills, sitting on a large rock in the middle of Matthew’s Creek as the rain washed away hurt, frustration, pain.


As we move through life we find that rain takes many forms.  Deadlines at work loom closer, yet are no nearer being met.  The electric bill is due Wednesday, but the paycheck doesn’t arrive until Thursday.  A casual conversation with a friend or loved one turns, and words are said that neither believe and both wish they could take back.


It rains every day in our lives.  Sometimes it is a misty drizzle, barely worth a pass from the windshield wipers.  We walk in the rain and can enjoy it.


Sometimes it falls in angry drops the size of marbles that try to pound a hole through the asphalt road.  It is in these times that we need a shelter, a place to watch the rain.


Often it Is a place.  Ocracoke Island.


Ocracoke Lighthouse by you.


Looking Glass Falls


Looking Glass Falls by you.


A quiet place where the swirl and storm of life can flow around us until we regain our strength and our footing.


Calm by you.


But more often, it is my friends.  My family.  All the people I love and cherish so deeply.


Laurie by you.



Stephanie  and Kourtney by you.


My life is the fuller for having you in it.


Lydia by you.



Steve by you.


I am a better person when I am with you.


Kimberlee by you.



Rob by you.


And I just pray


Terri and Julie by you.


That in some small way


Steve and Debra by you.


I can be for you


Terri and kids by you.


A place to watch the rain.


Amigos by you.


Thank you all.

Posted by: bryanboard | January 21, 2009

Snow Day

It snowed Sunday.


Snow1 by you.


Not much, just enough to cover the ground good.  I told a friend last week that snow around here was related to Bigfoot.  Reports of its existence are widely scattered, but with little or no visual confirmation.  Fortunately the camera was on hand this time to provide photographic evidence to back up the claims.

(Sasha and Bigfoot.  No, I am not smoking a cigarette!)


Snow Sasha by you.


By lunchtime the temperatures warmed, and by mid afternoon all traces had been melted away.


Yet it was enough.


To watch the birds play.

Snow birds by you.


To try and catch snowflakes on the tongue.


Snow Laurie by you.


To cleanse the soul.

Posted by: bryanboard | December 14, 2008

A Crack in the Clouds

Clouds overhead.  Clouds to the horizon.  Clouds that carry not the promise of rain, but just a gray, dreary day.  Life enters into a season of cloud.  Sometimes the clouds feel as though they will last forever.


But ever there is a crack, a sliver that lets the sunrise shine through.  And when the sun upon you falls, it streams all the brighter having endured the dark.


Sunrise 3 by you.


The cloud cover is never complete.  Eventually, after an hour, a day, a season, a break in the clouds will come.  Dawn, light, hope, will return.  It shows in the full moon that burns through your window.  In the song that comes on the radio at just the right time.  In the voice of a friend on the other end of the line.  All, rays of light that God shines into our lives to remind us that the darkness is not eternal, it is not total or complete, it can Never, put out the light.


Sunrise 1 by you.

Posted by: bryanboard | December 13, 2008

Reflections on Moonlight

Last night through bedroom window blinds

Came light, my searching soul to find

A whisper; “Follow Me” I’m told

I step outside into the cold


Few the stars that grace the sky

The moon in fullness rides the night

A shadow from each blade of grass

In black against the silver cast


Moonbeams in search of place to land

Find trees laid bare by winter’s hand

No warmth these rays of light possess

No comfort found in soft caress


Eternal thoughts in a moment clear

“Now” and “Forever” together here

To glimpse so true the Creator’s mind

Is to step beyond the bounds of time


In silence passes thus the night

New clarity greets the morning light

Dawn, a smile from God, He’s pleased

“For you, I created nights like these.”

Posted by: bryanboard | December 10, 2008

A Dog’s Life

Okay, so, I’m a footstool.  A little humiliating, but hey, what’s a dog to do?


Kourtney Apollo 1 by you.







At least it’s Little Bit tonight.  She’s light.  She smells funny though, she just finished standing under the water for a while.  I don’t know why she did that, she was just starting to smell Good!



Kourtney Apollo 2 by you.







Well, if she is going to be here for a while, I may as well get comfortable.



Kourtney Apollo 3 by you.






You know, a nap really wouldn’t be too bad.  She’s warm and cuddly.



Kourtney Apollo 4 by you.








Sweet Doggie Doo, I didn’t buy a ticket for the Ipod concert!  L

Kourtney Apollo 5 by you.

Posted by: bryanboard | November 25, 2008

Time Passages

Time passes.  Sometimes it swirls by like leaves on a gusty autumn day, leaving you shaking your head and wondering, “Where did the time go?”  Sometimes it is a sleepy afternoon in August and you begin to wonder if the hands on the clock will ever move again.  Sometimes it brushes past as a stranger on a sidewalk.   It walks by and you are completely unaware of its passage.


How often do we wish we could stop time?  We find a perfect moment and we want to crawl inside and wrap it around us like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.  How glorious it is when we see these for what they are.  Such a gift from God.  To be able to recognize that this moment is unique.  That it is unlike any other, past or future.  To be able to treasure and cherish this rift in the fabric of time even as we are living it.


How do you measure time spent with loved ones?  Hours and minutes are only two dimensional.  Heartbeats?  In thoughts and feelings shared?  By the laughter and the tears?  We often leave these oases in our lives with heavy hearts, wondering if we will ever find another.  We re-enter the pedestrian flow, letting time and space move us along.  Until the next perfect moment springs its trap, and we are captured once again by another soul healing gift from God.

Posted by: bryanboard | November 8, 2008

Autumn Thoughts

I was walking down our driveway this afternoon enjoying yet another fall day in the mountains.  Leaves were falling like snowflakes, and Steve’s post about trying to make sweat-angels came to mind.  Yes, I had to try a leaf-angel.


Leaf Angel by you.


After helping mom set up at Pumpkintown a couple weeks ago, I was sitting and writing.  A falling leaf landed on my notebook.  I pressed it between the pages.  This week I saw a dear friend who was feeling homesick for our mountains.  I pulled out the leaf and passed it on, a small piece of home.


100_2031 by you.


While the leaves are still bright we will often bring them in to enjoy God’s handiwork just a little bit longer.


100_2032 by you.


This year, the resting place for the fallen leaves was my piano.


Tonight it rained.  A gentle, steady rain.  From the open windows we could hear it falling through the trees, landing on the leaves that had already blazed a trail.  The fresh smell of autumn’s perfume slowly filled the house.


The clouds passed.  The moon came out.  Another day passes into memory.

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